About us

Texplan S.A. is a company specialised in the production of ecological coloured yarns for knitwear and domestic materials.

Since the creation of the company in 1986 we have been producing yarn using high quality recycled textile materials and renewable resources. Our concern for environmental harmony has always been a constant factor in our work, and our products guarantee a commitment with the protection of the environment and the use of renewable resources.

Here at Texplan we are conscious of the growing social sensitivity with respect to environmental problems and we follow our own “green Texplan commitment”, while working to introduce new ecologically advanced products onto the market.

In a globalised world Texplan is supporting ecological awareness. We invite you to form part of the “green Texplan commitment”, with products made from recycled cotton, viscose, bamboo and soya, with antiseptic, bioactive and bacteriostatic properties, and without any type of chemical additives, offering you a wide range of products for your comfort and satisfaction from a market sector which is increasingly more aware of environmental problems.

This is an Eco-performance textile!
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